Freshman following Fine’s footsteps.

Devyn Shea
2 min readFeb 9, 2021

By: Devyn Shea

POSTED: FEB 9 2021

DENTON- Freshman quarterback Bryce Drummond looks to make a name for himself with the help of an UNT football legend.

According to Assistant AD for UNT Communications Jordan Stepp, Drummond is the lone quarterback out of the class of 2021 that UNT decided to sign.

Stepp explained the Oklahoma native out of Pawhuska is instead connected to a much more seasoned player.

“He’s a top 25 recruit out of Oklahoma, and we have had some success recently up in that state, most notably with another quarterback you may know Mason Fine. Mason Fine was actually coaching Bryce at Pawhuska High School.”

Fine, 2019 UNT graduate, is also the college’s all time leading passer. He is now working as an assistant coach at Pawhuska and coached Drummond his senior year.

Drummond has competition for the starting quarterback position in the spring with two other players that already have college playing time under their belt. Stepp said one way to combat this was graduating a semester early to begin spring training with his new Mean Green teammates.

“They get the opportunity to get their hands on the playbook, the offense, all the schemes at a much earlier date. So by the time the remainder of the class shows up in mid to late summer when they start their summer workouts, this provides Bryce a leg up to be able to bring them along as a leader more so than trying to figure it out on the fly.”

Drummond now has months to settle in to his classes, coaching staff, and teammates, opposed to weeks that his other freshman teammates will recieve.

If his preparedness and UNT alum coaching pays off in the starting quarterback job will be seen September 4th as UNT takes on Northwestern State.