Devyn Shea
2 min readNov 8, 2021


Dallas Police Create Incentives to join the force.

By: Devyn Shea


DALLAS — The Dallas Police Department has made several changes throughout the year to improve recruiting while retaining the officers they already have.

The Dallas City Council passed a new measure in February that removed a 45-college credit hour requirement for existing officers making a lateral move to Dallas.

This same rule was applied to new recruits beginning in September.

This measure is a response to a large number of Dallas police officers leaving the force in 2016, leaving a 1,000 officer deficit as of late 2018.

In the last fiscal year alone, more than 200 officers in Dallas left the force.

Dallas Police response times in all degrees of emergency have risen in the last two years according to the Dallas Police Department as a result.

These lacking officer numbers comes at a time when homicide rates are up 21% thus far in 2019, with increasing rates in sex trafficking and assaults as well.

Christopher Vermillion, 21, a Theft Specialist for Target’s Oak Cliff location has on the job training in verbal and physical combat.

Vermillion has always wanted to be a police officer, but did not have the required college hours and therefore was looking outside of his hometown in Dallas to fulfill his dream.

Vermillion believes his skills are a perfect fit for Dallas Police Department, as he works with officer side by side at his current job.

Dallas joins Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston in heavily populated cities that no longer require college.

Dallas officers still must attend the police academy and be certified through Texas Commission of Law Enforcement.

Dallas Police is also raising their starting salaries for the second time in two years.

In September of last year, Dallas PD’s base salary was raised to $60,000.

Detective Robert McMillan from the Dallas South Central Division says the base salary is now being raised again to a starting salary of $72,500.

This pay bump will take affect before the end of the year.